Who is this for?

This section is intended for physicians-in-training, particularly radiology residents. Other House Staff as well as medical students and allied professionals hopefully will find at least some of the cases interesting and useful.

This section is NOT intended for those who would like to treat themselves or others. No claims are made for anything including accuracy, failure to pass your Board exams, ruined marriages, etc.

What does it contain?

I plan to emphasize traditional, plain film and contrast studies because I find that Residents have the most problem with these. I also believe in stressing basics. Missing Vebelfletzer’s Syndrome is one thing; missing cancer, is quite another. By the way, there is no Vebelfletzer’s Syndrome (at least I hope there isn’t).

How can you use it?

You can either access the radiology cases as Unknowns or as examples from a List. If you are trying to identify an unknown, I urge you to write your answer down before looking at the answer.